The Gym in Mission Hills
San Diego's Boutique Health + Fitness Gym


Frequently Asked Questions

My First Visit

What do I do when I arrive?

The front and garage doors are always open during business hours. You can place your belongings in a cubby, grab a towel and you are ready to start your workout!

What should I wear?

Most importantly wear what you are comfortable in, but we encourage women to wear a sports bra and athletic shorts and men athletic shorts and a t-shirt. We encourage light clothing for postural assessment purposes.

Am I allowed to show up 10 minutes before our session?

We always encourage our clients to show up early to ensure that their session starts on time. While waiting for your session, feel free to use our cardio equipment (rower or bike) or grab a foam roller to mobilize and stretch.

What if I don’t have water?

We always encourage our clients to bring their own water bottle, however we do have glasses available for filtered water.

Can I take a shower after my workout?

Yes! We have a shower at our facility. We encourage everyone to limit their shower time to 5 minutes and please bring your own towels (but we can provide if needed).

Facilities & Equipment

Will I be shown how to use the equipment?

If you are training with us you will certainly learn!

Are there lockers?

No. However, we do provide adequate amount of storage for your personal belongings, which are in a safe and secure place in our facility. We do not take responsibility for any lost or stolen items.

Does the facility include sauna, steam, spa and pool?

We do have a shower, but we do not offer any of the other amenities.

Do you provide parking at The Gym?

No, however we are located adjacent to a large Von’s parking lot, which you can park at for 90 minutes. There is free parking available one block west on Eagle St. There is also metered parking available on Washington St.