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Wondering how to get started with an exercise program? Whether you are looking to rediscover the joy of moving or someone who is just getting started, with the right mindset you can have long-term success. The health benefits of regular exercise are hard to ignore. Exercise reduces stress, boosts your metabolism, your mood, improves your self-confidence and more. Whether you are looking to start a structured exercise program or just want to make exercise a part of your daily routine, the key is getting started!

Getting Started

Getting started is the hardest part. There will be good days and bad days. But the important thing is to just do it NO MATTER WHAT. The more you do it, the more it becomes a part of your lifestyle. Not something you have to do because you have to. Instead, working out will eventually become a part of your daily routine. Much like brushing your teeth everyday, you will find the more you exercise you will not be able to live without. Won’t that be nice? With this in mind, we offer you some insight for exercise success.

  • Consider your fitness goals
  • Assess your level of fitness
  • Commit to exercising at least 30 minutes a day (NO MATTER WHAT)
  • Create a balanced routine
  • Start slow and progress
  • Build activity into your daily routine
  • Try different types of activities to make it fun (biking, swimming, and so on)
  • Give yourself time to recover
  • Track your progress

Make the Time

In a perfect world, we would all love to have an hour a day to workout. But, that is not realistic. Start slowly, build gradually. A realistic goal is 30 minutes a day. Exercise the same time of day so it becomes a part of your lifestyle. The key is to make exercise a habit.


1) Make Fitness A Part of Your Lifestyle

  • Exercise the same time everyday
  • Example, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8am

2) Make it Fun

  • Choose activities that you like
  • You will have success if you do the things you like
  • Try different things
  • Swimming, biking, hiking, or walking try everything just stay active
  • Ask your friends or family to join you
  • Join an exercise group or go to a group training class

 Don’t Stop!

Part of making fitness a part of your lifestyle is setting aside the time to do it. This means you do not allow yourself to have excuses, and you keep pushing no matter what. You have to be stronger than your excuses and fight for it!

Celebrate Your Success

Keep a record of your activities. Make note of the distance or length of time. And, always remember how you felt after each workout! The key is, to remember just how good you felt. You will find, you will want more. The truth is, you will feel so good you will wonder how you ever lived without it!

No Excuses

No matter what, you have to keep pushing! You must fight for what you want. You must fight for you! The only thing between you and your fitness and weight loss goals, are your excuses.



Be real with yourself. Know your body’s limitations.

Remember, every time you workout is a success. Start small, make one change at a time. Commit to 30 minutes everyday. Remember how good it makes you feel. Challenge yourself every week.

Each day you have a choice, to be healthy or not. Rather than make excuses for why you cannot workout. Try making the choice to workout no matter what.

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