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Billy Huynh

Billy Huynh

Personal Trainer
Fitness is just one component of wellness.


Billy Huynh is a local San Diegan and graduate of SDSU (bachelor’s in kinesiology), where he volunteered at the on-site Adaptive Fitness Clinic for 3 years. Working with individuals with disabilities, Billy sparked an interest in how traditional fitness and exercise programming could be modified for individuals with varying limitations and needs. This lead him to develop his style of training, which revolves heavily around functional movement, increasing range of motion, and knowing how to live and move safely outside of the gym as well. This means lots of core work, exercises with just body weight, and resistance bands for optimal movement.

As a passionate yogi, Billy also loves incorporating yoga poses and breath work into his programming. He stresses the benefits of stretching and developing body awareness, which challenges oneself not only physically, but mentally as well. Fitness is just one component of wellness, and Billy encourages all his students and clients to practice healthy habits beyond just the physical aspects, including eating a balanced diet, managing stress effectively, and developing a high sense of self-esteem. Billy’s main goal is to just help them reach these goals!