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Kaleb Winter

Kaleb Winter

Trainer in Training
Kaleb is actively learning about health and fitness from those around him. At his young age, he's already embraced a lifestyle of healthy eating, frequent physical activity, stretching and massage, as well as meditation.


“”It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” – Albus Dumbledore, Chamber of Secrets

When Kaleb is not in school, he enjoys spending time at The Gym in Mission Hills helping with operations and morale. He helps clean and organize the gym space, keeping it tidy for members. He loves participating in group classes, high fiving, and asking questions to get to know you.

Kaleb is a “trainer in training,” which includes learning about nutrition. He’s considering being an organic farmer as one potential career path. He likes picking out fresh produce at farmers markets and tending to the fruits and vegetables growing in his backyard. He’s also learning about living an active lifestyle including observing proper movements and workouts at the gym to ensuring he’s moving around at home. His favorite after school activities include riding his bike, walking his dog, and playing ping pong. Lastly, Kaleb is learning about stretching, massage, and relaxing the mind and body. He frequently participates in yoga classes at the gym. When he’s home, he loves to stretch, listen to music, drink tea, read Harry Potter, and play chess.

When you see Kaleb at the gym, greet him with a high five and ask him what he’s been learning lately.